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"Begin at the beginning, and go on till you come to the end: then stop." -- The King of Hearts

I'm an adopted Texan. As they say, "I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could!" I post pictures and opinions as suits my mood, mostly because I can. Hooray Internet! 

So far I have three blogs here. By the Way is the oldest. I started it in 2003. I lost a couple of years to Vox because I was too lazy to bother to export when they shut down. I consider it an exercise in accepting impermanence. When I followed my husband to Singapore for his first expat assignment, I started (T)expatriate: A Southern Girl in Singapore. That covers 2010 and 2011, give or take. Next came Oslo, and (T)expat 2: Norwegian Boogaloo,  in 2012. Now I'm back home, and back on By the Way.

Pix live on Flickr. I toss links out on Twitter when I feel like it. I'm still not sure what to do with G+ but I kinda like it.


No Fun

There's no way around it. Going to the dentist just isn't fun. No matter how much gas they give you, no matter how nice they are, even though you get to listen to KTRU on headsets while the drilling is going on.... It's just not fun. Sigh.

With that little bit of self-pity out of the way, here's the real post. I finally remembered to share these cool links:
The Official Exhibition Calendar and WebExhibits Catalogue

Both of these are from ResearchBuzz. I've just discovered AmphetaDesk (which works a lot better on my pc at work than on my Mac at home, but I'm way too lazy to try to figure out why) which is a great way to keep up with blogs and news and stuff. Now I even occasionally find a tidbit before Mark does (but not very often).

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