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"Begin at the beginning, and go on till you come to the end: then stop." -- The King of Hearts

I'm an adopted Texan. As they say, "I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could!" I post pictures and opinions as suits my mood, mostly because I can. Hooray Internet! 

So far I have three blogs here. By the Way is the oldest. I started it in 2003. I lost a couple of years to Vox because I was too lazy to bother to export when they shut down. I consider it an exercise in accepting impermanence. When I followed my husband to Singapore for his first expat assignment, I started (T)expatriate: A Southern Girl in Singapore. That covers 2010 and 2011, give or take. Next came Oslo, and (T)expat 2: Norwegian Boogaloo,  in 2012. Now I'm back home, and back on By the Way.

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Constitution Day

Mark and I celebrated Constitution Day by shooting two rounds of skeet at American Shooting Centers. This is the first time I've shot in something other than sweltering heat--what a treat it was! And despite a couple of months without shooting (sad, I know) I got 10 on my first round. And even better, I hit at least one from EVERY STATION except those two nasties in the middle at the end. I was doing the happy dance after that, believe me! Second round I only shot 5, but I'll blame lack of conditioning (I was getting tired) and the declining light (I only had sunglasses) for that. More realistically, I was still too giddy from the first round to concentrate properly on the second....

Also fun to discover that the low-recoil shells we bought really do make a difference. I shot one box of regular target shot and one box of the low-recoil and I'm ready to give away the target shot. If I ever get a proper recoil pad on my gun I won't even know I actually pulled the trigger!

God bless America. I love my husband and my gun.
FYI, here's a copy of my first shooting entry (from my now defunct "test" blog). Hmmm, obviously Tim's predictions haven't come true yet. I must be a difficult student ;-)

April 27, 2003
Bearing Arms

Two weekends ago I went skeet shooting for the first time. I used Mark's gun, and I was terrified for the first several stations. Once I realized the gun wasn't really going to knock me down, I relaxed a bit, and it got a lot more fun. So much fun, in fact, that last weekend I purchased my very own gun. I am now the ludicrously proud owner of a Benelli Montefeltro Short Stock 20 gauge shotgun. And this weekend I shot skeet with Maggie (my gun--the evening after I bought the gun, Mark asked me what its name was, and I thought he meant its name, so I responded, "Maggie." He laughed, and then I realized I was supposed to say what kind of gun it was, ie Benelli Montefeltro etc. Oh well. I still like my answer better.)

Our friends Andy and Louise went with us, and it was kind of gratifying to learn afterwards that Louise had been apprehensive about the experience as well. I think it's just one of these things that you have to do once and get it overwith. Then you realize it's not really that scary, and it starts to be fun. Lou turned out to be a good shot. I was the dud of the bunch, but I had pretty low expectations, so it didn't hurt my feelings too much. Friend Tim promises he'll have me hitting 15/25 in no time. That would certainly be fun!

This afternoon we cleaned our guns on our front porch (it's way too smelly a thing to do inside) and after being self-conscious for a few minutes, I decided I didn't really mind if my neighbors realized there were multiple shotguns living in this house. Depending on your politics, there are much odder things that go on in this neighborhood. So now Maggie is clean and shiny, all packed away in her fancy case, just waiting for next weekend. I have a case of shells from Academy, a mildly sore shoulder, and a grin that just won't go away. It's good to be an American, dammit!

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