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"Begin at the beginning, and go on till you come to the end: then stop." -- The King of Hearts

I'm an adopted Texan. As they say, "I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could!" I post pictures and opinions as suits my mood, mostly because I can. Hooray Internet! 

So far I have three blogs here. By the Way is the oldest. I started it in 2003. I lost a couple of years to Vox because I was too lazy to bother to export when they shut down. I consider it an exercise in accepting impermanence. When I followed my husband to Singapore for his first expat assignment, I started (T)expatriate: A Southern Girl in Singapore. That covers 2010 and 2011, give or take. Next came Oslo, and (T)expat 2: Norwegian Boogaloo,  in 2012. Now I'm back home, and back on By the Way.

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Thank You, Mr. Dropping-the-Kid-off-at-School Man!

I think school zones bring out the worst in morning drivers. I go through one on the mornings I don't go to the gym, and it seems more often than not somebody gets bent out of shape about something. For heaven's sake, it's only about five blocks long. Just chill out for a couple of minutes....

Anyhow, the entrance to the school is very close to an intersection, and they have a big sign out reminding drivers not to block the driveway. Most people ignore it, of course, leading to some interesting gridlock-type maneuvering as cars stack up behind the parent who wants to cross traffic and get into that parking lot.

So, in the interests of maintaining my own sunny morning disposition (!) I am very careful about not blocking the school entrance. One car can fit between the crosswalk and the driveway, then you have to leave a big gap. So if I'm the second car, I leave a big gap. Yesterday, the guy behind me had a conniption over this, honking and gesticulating. (Mind you, this is only an issue when the light is red. You're not going anywhere anyhow, so who cares about an extra car-length between you and the RED traffic light?)

In the midst of Conniption-Boy's tirade, Mr. Dropping-of-the-Kid-at-School Man comes the other way, is probably astounded that he is actually able to turn into the school grounds, and he flashes me the most enormous smile and gives me one of those pointing-at-you-turns-into-a-thumbs-up moves. That made it all worthwhile.

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