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Where'd all that dander come from?

I don't usually get too opinionated here (what can I say, I am extraordinarily averse to conflict) but this post at The Smallest Minority really got my dander up, especially when I got to this part of the quote:

I am not responsible enough to own a gun. And that is why I do not have one.

I almost fell out of my chair when I read that, and I've been thinking about it all afternoon.

Well, holy cow. I can understand not knowing about guns. I can understand being afraid of guns because you don't know about them. I can even understand preferring not to shoot certain guns after you do know about them because they are physically intimidating. After all, I have quite the flinching problem with the MO's H&K, although I surely intend to fix that.

But I do not understand glibly declaring oneself psychologically and morally unfit for the responsibility of dealing with a firearm. That's a total cop-out. Responsibility is the key word here.

(I am assuming that we are talking about a societally-functioning adult here. A ten year old child, say, or someone truly mentally incompetent, might be a different story. Although I've seen plenty of kids perfectly able to handle all manner of guns.)

How does such a person, so lacking in control of his own faculties, lead a daily life? How does he chop his vegetables in the kitchen without going on a knife-wielding rampage? Does he consider himself fit to drive a car? I suspect it's a lot easier, skill-wise, to mow down a pedestrian with a vehicle than to actually hit someone with a pistol shot. Does he walk around with his hands glued in his pockets because he's afraid he might accidentally haul off and slap the next person that walks by?

If so, it's time to put on the big boy pants and figure out why you would abdicate control of your own emotions and reactions to the point that you feel you cannot be trusted to have simple machines in your house without wreaking havoc on yourself or the general populace.

Cripes. This is victimhood run amok. Next thing you know we'll be having lawsuits with the same party on both sides.

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